NABO has three affiliate branches on the island.  These consist of the St. John's Association of Basketball Officials (SJABO), the Central Newfoundland Association of Basketball Officials (CNABO) and the Western Newfoundland Association of Basketball Officials (WNABO).  The Executive members for each branch are listed below.  If you reside in an area where there is no affiliate branch, you can still become a member.

SJABO (Clarenville - East)
President Paul Matthews (709)-364-9121
Vice President Brady Turner (709)-770-7951
Treasurer Craig Dawe (709)-765-3463
Secretary Kieran Roach (709)-765-7357
Assignor Joe Wadden (709)-687-6872
Past President Gerard Brien (709)-364-2151
CNABO (West of Clarenville - Baie Verte)
President Scott Critch
Vice President Kris White
Secretary Neil Poole
Treasurer Terry Burton
Assignor Paul Langdon
Signing Officer Terry Burton
Signing Officer Paul Langdon
Signing Officer Bob Dixon
Trustee Terry Burton
Trustee Peter Wheeler
Trustee Roger Melendy
Trustee Bob Dixon
WNABO (West of Baie Verte)
President Tom Stewart  
Vice President Frank Foo  
Treasurer Doug Jewer (709)-785-5756
Assignor Doug Jewer (709)-785-5756

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